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R.A.D. Pads by SurfPrep (8 in pack)
R.A.D. Pads by SurfPrep (8 in pack)

R.A.D. Pads by SurfPrep (8 in pack)

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Pack contents: 2 pads of 4 different grits, from medium to super fine. Each pad measures 5.5" x 4.5".
- 2 x Medium (120-150 grit) - Ideal for prep work such as scuff sanding
- 2 x Fine (220-240 grit) - Ideal for prep work
- 2 x Very Fine (280-380 grit) - Ideal for finishing
- 2 x Super Fine (500-600 grit) - Ideal for finishing and wet distressing

  • Soft and easy to hold
  • Conforms to any surface

Long Lasting Aluminum Oxide abrasive 

Made in the USA

SurfPrep's focus has always been to learn every single day. This means they are out in the field with professionals who focus on sanding all year long. They have learnt what woodworkers need and in response have invented new products that bring value to an functionality to a company. They have innovated a new hand sanding abrasive that is made in the U.S.A. one that will outperform and outlast anything else on the market. With this in mind, they created the R.A.D. Pad (Revolutionary Abrasive Design). The R.A.D. Pad is unlike the industry standard 9"X11" abrasive sheets. The foam backing uses the same technology as their Visionary Award Winning Foam Backed Abrasives, but give the user an option for hard to reach areas where a tool is not always the best option.

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