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About Painted Stag Studio

Kym Cole

I was born in England but my family has always traveled with work and I count myself lucky to have lived, worked and studied throughout most of Europe.

I love refinishing furniture and making "things" but have only ever really done it for myself or a handful of friends.

Since arriving in Australia in 2013 new found friends have encouraged me to pursue my passion and Painted Stag Studio was born!

With a little guidance you can breathe new life into older pieces that are functional but maybe outdated, using colour and texture to create your new family heirloom.

As a home studio I offer Painting Technique Workshops, as well as, Image Transfer Workshops which will allow you to create your own antiques and/or unique gifts that will have everyone talking.

New workshops are coming soon, introducing Rub-On Transfers and WoodUBend appliques. I am always happy to answer questions and offer advice, just drop me a message

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