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Peaceful-ReDesign Mulberry Tissue Paper
Peaceful-ReDesign Mulberry Tissue Paper

Peaceful-ReDesign Mulberry Tissue Paper

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Thicker than tissue with a fibrous consistency. 

Mulberry Decoupage Papers are created from renewable mulberry paper, the Papers are designed especially for furniture artists.

- Created especially for furniture use.
- Handmade, artisanal quality can be seen and felt.
- Easy to apply - especially for beginners.
- Wrinkle-free application.
- Very forgiving product.
- Iron-free decoupage application.
- Can be applied over curves to look more seamless.
- Repositionable after applying a decoupage product for the perfect fit, without tearing or wrinkling.
- Amazing high-quality mulberry paper.
- More durable - less risk of damage on furniture.
- Realistic designs - like a real painting, not just a print.
- Gorgeous texture! Looks like palette and brush strokes.
- Rich colours - all the way through.
- Did we mention the high quality yet?
- Matte finish, which is so much better than the glossy ones, for blending edges, sealing, etc.
- Not waxy. Not glossy. Not parchment paper. Not copy paper.
- Paint will not streak on top.
- Can add stenciling on top, or layer papers easily.
- Goodbye, wrinkles, bubbles, and peeling.
- Thicker than rice and tissue paper, thinner than original decoupage paper.
- Hands down the best quality decoupage paper out there!
- Blending paper edges with paint is now easier than ever!

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